Top Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Repair

4 January 2021
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Having a working air conditioning (AC) unit really comes in handy. You are used to keeping the AC running all summer long, but there are even some days during the winter months when the weather turns unseasonably warm and you need to shake things up by pumping in cool air. You love the luxury of being able to generate a cold blast of wind anytime you want to and would hate for your central system to go out without warning. Pay close attention to your AC unit, and if you notice any of the following signs, it may be time for AC repair.

Uneven Air Leads To Discomfort

One of the first red flags to look for when you're on the hunt for a faulty AC unit can be detected by noticing the distribution of air. A central cooling unit is designed to send an even level of air all over the house, basically cooling down each room to approximately the same temperature. This works well when your AC system is in good shape, but if there is a problem, you could find some rooms feel like the Arctic while others seem more like the Sahara!

Be on the lookout for uneven air throughout your home. While it's true that rooms with more windows/sunshine will normally be a bit warmer than the others, there shouldn't be such a drastic difference that it leads to discomfort. If one of your children constantly complains about their room being too cold while another always begs you to turn down the thermostat because they are so hot, it might be time to phone a technician and ask for AC repair.

Follow Your Nose

When you turn on your AC unit, are you greeted by a strong, unpleasant scent? At first, it's easy to try to cover up the smell by lighting candles or putting in a few plug-ins so the aroma is less noticeable. However, when you've tried these methods and all they tend to do is cover up the smell, it's time to spring into action.

There are lots of reasons why your AC may have an odor. Maybe the condenser coils need to be cleaned or the drain pans are clogged up. Only a professional AC technician can get in there and remedy the issue.

Repairing your AC system makes it easy to breathe a huge sigh of relief. If these signs appear, request professional assistance right away.