Air Conditioning System Not Blowing Cold Air? Here’s Some Possible Problems

7 April 2020
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If your air conditioning system is blowing air but the air does not feel cool, this can be due to different things. Below are some possible problems so you can determine what is wrong and have a cool home. Low Air Flow One problem that can cause the air not to be cool is having low airflow. One thing that can cause this is a dirty air filter. If your filter is dirty, then it is clogged up and air will not be able to pass through it. Read More 

Why Your Air Conditioner Fan’s Auto Setting Affects The Humidity In Your Home

4 March 2020
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One of the pieces of advice you often see regarding central air systems is that the fan needs to be on the AUTO setting. This setting links the fan to the thermostat; when the air conditioner compressor turns on, the fan will turn on, and when the compressor turns off, the fan will turn off. For some people, that advice may seem meaningless. If it's hot, they want air circulating to combat the summer heat. Read More 

Common Issues That Can Come Up With Your Residential Air Conditioning

29 January 2020
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As a homeowner with an air conditioning system, it's beneficial to get your system serviced before you need to use it everyday. As the warm weather approaches, it's time to schedule residential AC services to have your system tuned for the hard work ahead. While you can wait until you need to turn on your air conditioning every day, you are taking the chance that your system is not going to be efficient. Read More 

Receiving Estimates To Have A New HVAC System Installed? Check To See If These Elements Are Listed On The Estimate

18 December 2019
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If you are in need of a new HVAC system, you may be obtaining quotes from multiple installation companies. This can help you to compare pricing and ultimately, settle on a company to install your new system. One of the mistakes that people make is to select a system based on their quoted price, without really looking over the quote to see what is included and not included in the quote. Read More 

2 Tips for Preparing Your Central Air Conditioning Unit for Its Winter Shutdown

19 November 2019
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Once cooler weather starts settling in, your thoughts are probably focused on turning off the air conditioner and firing up the furnace. However, you should do more for your A/C unit than simply cutting the power. Below are a couple of tips for getting your central air conditioning unit prepared for its winter shutdown. 1.  Change or Clean the Air Filter When you are shutting down the air conditioner for the winter, you probably feel that changing the air filter is not necessary, as the unit will not be running at all. Read More