2 Tips For Choosing A New Commercial Air Conditioning System For Your Business

10 May 2023
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If your business's building has an old air conditioning system that is barely keeping the rooms cool, you may be in the beginning stages of having it replaced with a new one. While making plans for the replacement, you may be having trouble choosing what type of system you would like to have installed.

Besides knowing the square footage of the building to determine the size of the system, there are other factors involved when choosing a new A/C system for a commercial building. To help you get started with narrowing down your choices, use the tips below to you choose a new commercial air conditioning system for your business.

1. Central Vs Split A/C

One thing you can do when trying to choose an A/C system for your business is to think about what type of system would serve your business better. The two choices that you may be faced with include a central air conditioner that is controlled by one thermostat or a split air conditioning system that is divided up and individually installed and controlled in different rooms or areas.

If you have a small building with only a few rooms that need climate controls, a central air conditioner may serve your purposes. However, if you have multiple rooms or floors, a split system would ensure each area is kept cool individually.

2. Optional Features

Another thing you may want to consider when choosing a new commercial A/C system has to do with any optional features you would like added. For example, while one part of an air conditioner's job is to remove humidity, if you have delicate equipment or are located in a highly humid area, you may want to have enhanced humidity controls added.

Or, if you are concerned about excess dust or germs in the air, you may want to think about having a more efficient filtration system installed. An HVAC professional can review available options to help you decide which optional features you would like included with the new system's installation.

When it comes time to choose a new air conditioner for your business, decide whether your building would benefit more from a central or split system. You can then think about optional features you would like to have added, such as enhanced humidity controls or a more efficient filtration system. Once you have this information, contact a commercial air conditioning contractor in your business's area to make an appointment to speak with them about your options.

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