Why A Propane Furnace Might Stop Igniting

21 April 2016
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Did the pilot to your propane furnace stop igniting as it should and now you are unable to warm your house up? There are a few parts of the furnace that you should get examined by a professional to see if they are the root of the problem. In this article, you will find out about the things that can cause a propane furnace to not ignite.

Damage to the Pilot

The pilot is one of the areas that should be inspected by a professional because it is the outlet for the flame. A contractor will be able to replace the pilot if it is damaged from normal wear and tear. However, it is possible that only the orifice of the pilot is the reason your furnace does not ignite. For instance, something can be blocking the flame from igniting, such as dirt or debris. If the orifice is blocked, the contractor will likely be able to clean it out and bring the pilot back to a functional condition.

No Propane to the Burner

The burner area of the furnace is connected to the pilot and is responsible for the production of a flame. If the burner is not producing a flame for the pilot to ignite, the problem can stem from a few different things. For instance, it is possible that the gas valve is malfunctioning and is unable to send propane into the burner. A contractor will have to repair or replace the gas valve if it is damaged. It is also possible that the burner simply has become covered in rust that is preventing a flame from flaring up to the fullest extent.

Propane Doesn't Make it to the Furnace

It is possible that the furnace pilot has stopped igniting because there is a problem with propane being delivering to the furnace. You might want to get the gas lines checked to make sure there are not any leaks, and you should smell gas in the air if leaks are present. It is also possible that the gas lines are blocked and gas is unable to pass through to the furnace as it should, which means that a contractor should be hired to remove the blockage. If all of the parts to your furnace are in good shape, you might only need to get the propane tank refilled. Simply call a fuel delivery company such as Enright and Sons and they will refill the tank for you.