4 Steps to Prevent a Really Messy Sewer Line Backup

2 May 2016
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No one wants to imagine the day that their sewer line backs up into their home. This is especially true if they don't have specific coverage on their homeowners policy that will pay for the damage that something like this could cause. Here are four steps that can help prevent such a messy problem:

Step #1: Only Flush Two Things Down the Toilet.

If you have kids, you have probably seen quite a few things go down your toilet, including Barbie dolls and toy cars. However, it is crucial that only two things are ever flushed down your home's toilet: toilet paper and human waste. Anything besides these have the potential to create quite the clog. If you use flushable wipes, you may think that it is okay to flush them due to the marketing claims of the wipes. However, Consumer Reports and the Michigan State University Extension reports otherwise. Damage has been done across the country due to these flushable wipes, so it is important that you simply throw them in the garbage can and dispose of them with your regular trash.

Step #2: Never Send Grease Down Your Kitchen Sink Drain.

You have probably been told a million times to not pour grease down your sink drain, but have you listened? Has anyone ever really explained to you why you shouldn't do it? Well, when you first pour the grease into the drain, it is hot and in liquid form, but eventually it will cool down. When it does this, it will solidify—just as it does if you leave it in the pan. As you can imagine, this can cause a severe clog in your plumbing pipes. So instead of pouring your old grease into the sink, you should keep heat-resistant containers handy to pour the grease into and dispose of it in the garbage can. Alternatively, you can reuse the grease.

Step #3: Keep Trees away from Your Sewer Line.

Trees need water in order to grow. When they aren't getting enough water, they tend to try to find a nearby water source. In many cases, this may be your sewer line because it contains both water and nutrients. Therefore, if you plan on expanding your landscape with new trees, it is imperative that you locate your sewer line and ensure that you keep new trees a minimum of 10 feet away from the line.

Step #4: Always Be Proactive.

There is a good chance that your sewer line may be clogged right now with grease, flushable wipes, or tree roots. It may only be a partial clog, but it may grow to cause a big problem. To prevent a complete clog and an unsanitary sewer backup in your home, contact a plumbing professional, like one from A Absolute Plumbing & Heating, immediately for a sewer and drain cleaning when you notice any problems.