How To Service The Pipes Between The AC And Furnace

6 May 2016
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Most people don't think of their furnace when it comes to their air conditioning system. Some home owners don't realize that the furnace is actually vital to a central AC system. The furnace basically acts as an air mover. There is also a filter in the furnace that reduces allergens in your home and keeps the motor clean. So, if your furnace is not kept in good working order, you cannot really expect your AC system to be 100% efficient. This article explains how home owners can clean their furnace to improve the airflow of their air conditioner.

Servicing the Connecting Pipes Between the AC and Furnace

The main AC unit is located outside the house, usually right next to building. Output pipes from the AC unit lead into the house and to the furnace. Often, sections of the piping will be made up of flexible aluminum hoses. This is thinner than straight pipes, so you should pay close attention to these sections. If any part of the piping between the AC unit and the furnace is not perfectly airtight, you will obviously have major issues with your AC system. To check this pipe, you should turn on your AC. Then, put your hand next to the pipe and feel for any air leaks. To if you do notice any leaking air, you should patch the pipe with aluminum foil tape. This tape is very sticky and will provide a solid, airtight seal.

However, if there is a large hole or dent in your pipe, you should probably just replace that section completely. To make sure you get a perfect fit, remove the damaged part and take it to your home improvement store. This way you can be sure you get the right length and diameter of pipe. It will also be worthwhile to reinforce the couplings along the AC output and the furnace input. Both of these areas are at risk of getting knocked loose. A little bit of aluminum foil tape will ensure that they have a stronger hold and an airtight seal.

This is just one step in ensuring that your HVAC system is fully functioning. If you can properly service and maintain this section of piping, you can eliminate it as a possible problem area. If your AC system is still having reduced airflow and efficiency issues, you know that the problem must be somewhere else.

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