How Window Coverings Can Help Improve Heating And Cooling Efficiency

13 May 2016
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Buying a highly efficient AC and furnace is a good start toward keeping your heating and cooling costs down. On the other hand, if your home does not create an effective separation between the air in your home and the outside world, you will never realize the full potential of your HVAC equipment. Windows are a weak spot in most homes' insulation envelope. Thus, by spending a little money to improve the insulation of your home, you can save a lot of money on utility costs. 

Thermal Curtains

Blinds may be convenient to use, but they do not do a lot to help you save money in your home because they really do not offer much in the way of insulation. By way of contrast, thermal curtains contain a layer of insulation and a piece of metal foil. The insulation helps to stop heat transfer, and the foil will help to reflect the sun's energy back outside during summer and reflect heat from your furnace back into your home during the winter. To use your curtains to the best advantage, you should keep them closed during the hottest part of the day during the summer, then open them at night to let hot air leak outside. During the winter, you open the curtains to let the sun's energy help warm your home, then close them at night to keep heat in. Thus, the curtains can help to dress up your home and save you money. 

Low-E Film

If you don't like the idea of covering your windows during the day in summer just to keep your cooling costs down, there are other ways to upgrade your windows and save money. For example, you could look into window films. An energy efficient window film is designed to reflect the sun's UV rays during the summer before they have a chance to leak into your home and heat it up. You can also use the same film to reflect heat back into your home during the winter. In this way window film can reduce your cooling costs by 23% and your heating costs by 25%.

When you decide to reduce your heating and cooling costs, your first thought is probably not what you can do to your windows to make them more energy efficient. On the other hand, by putting a little bit of money into window films, window coverings, or both, you can save a lot of money on your utility costs. 

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