Have A Small House With An Old Furnace? Save With These New Heating Options

9 January 2017
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If the old furnace in your home has finally stopped working, but you aren't sure that you want to invest the money in another traditional system, there are other heating options to explore. Instead of getting a large furnace that uses large amounts of gas or electricity to heat the home, you can get a smaller more efficient unit that uses thermal energy or minimal electricity. Here are a couple of the choices you want to talk with your heating and cooling professional about.

Are Geothermal Options Available?

The use of geothermal heating options is increasing, and this is one of the most efficient ways you can bring warmth into your home. The geothermal heating pump will pull heat that already exists in the atmosphere, underground or from other sources, and then releases it into the home.

Temperatures and the climate where your home is, along with how much heat you need to bring into the space will determine if this could be your next heating option. Your geothermal heating unit could also be used for air conditioning needs in the home. These units are efficient, lower energy waste and costs, and can add significant value after you make the investment of putting one in your home.

Is the Space Small Enough for Infrared Heating?

A small infrared heating unit may be more efficient to heat the property if you have a very small house, and if you don't want to buy another large unit. The type of unit that would be right for your home, and where it needs to be located would best be determined by a heating and cooling professional. With this type of unit you may have to worry about the traveling around the home, if there are a lot of rooms or hallways. For an open layout with few walls this can be ideal.

Your HVAC contractor knows what units are the most efficient for the small space you're living in, and what units can provide you with comfortable heat that you can afford to enjoy in your home. If you know that a large furnace for the house isn't a necessity, and you don't want to pay for the large furnace to run when the months are cold, it's time to consider either of these options. When choosing a system you can pick out something that improves the value of your home, and gives you what you need. For more information, contact a business such as Hartman Heating, Air and Fireplaces.