How To Clean Your Air Pump

13 November 2017
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Homeowners hate nothing more than paying high utility bills while still living in an uncomfortably hot or cold home. If it seems like your bills just keep getting higher and higher, but you're having trouble cooling your home during the summer or heating it during the winter, there's probably something wrong with your HVAC system. A dirty air pump is the most common cause of an inefficient HVAC system. If the air is not being properly pumped into your duct system, it won't circulate and reach everywhere it is supposed to. Here are some steps you can follow to clean your air pump to fix your problem:

Safely Accessing Your Air Pump

The air pump is located inside the furnace, and it is usually very easy to clean. Some models are harder than others, only because the pump is a little harder to reach. Regardless, you need to follow a set order of operations to shut down your furnace before you work on your air pump. Since the furnace is powered by both electricity and gas, you need to shut both off in order to be safe.

First, find the access panel and remove it. Most panels on modern furnaces can be removed or opened just like a door. Now, you should look for the gas control knob. Twist this knob to the off position, and then find the master power switch. The master switch is usually located outside of the furnace, and it might even be mounted to the wall. Once the gas and electricity are turned off, you can safely work on your air pump.

Cleaning the Air Pump

The pump, which is also often called the blower, is large and easy to identify. It includes a motor, fan blades, and a plastic box that houses the cooling system. All three of these elements, and everything within the department, can benefit from being cleaner. If there is dust buildup within your main compartment, you want to clean it all out as well as possible. However, try to avoid using heavy duty liquid cleaners or degreasers. You don't want to spray anything that might be flammable inside your furnace. It is best if you wipe down all the surfaces with a damp rag and use a vacuum to suck up any loose dust and dirt inside the compartment. Vacuum first, and then wipe down the dust that doesn't come off so easily.

Keeping a clean furnace is always a good way to maintain the most efficient system while ensuring that your furnace has a long and productive lifespan. For additional help with repairs, contact a professional HVAC service, such as GNL Heating and Cooling.