Spring Storms, Fallen Trees, Your A/C, And You: Repairs You Don't Expect And How To Deal With Them

12 June 2018
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Spring storms can be very volatile at times. The aftermath often leaves you and your neighbors picking up branches and twigs out of your yards and placing the collected debris into yard waste bags. When the damage is really extreme, it means downed power lines and smashed HVAC/air conditioning systems via fallen trees and large tree limbs. If and when your A/C is damaged by a fallen tree/tree limb, you are looking at some big and unexpected repair costs. Here is how to deal with these costs.

Good News - Your Insurance Covers It

Fallen tree limbs as a result of a powerful storm or other "act of God" are covered expenses under most homeowner's insurance policies. You have to leave the limb or tree on top of the A/C unit outside so that the claims adjuster can see what happened. The adjuster may make a personal visit to your property, but usually, he/she just asks if you can text or email pictures of the situation and the damage. The insurance company will cut you a check to help cover some of the costs.

Finding a Residential HVAC Repair Technician

Next, find a repair technician who can fix your A/C unit. If you are lucky, you may find someone who can give you a good deal on the repairs and come in at or below the amount of money granted you by the check from the insurance company. If not, make sure you are ready and able to kick in the remaining funds to pay for the repairs. Otherwise, you will spend your summer sweltering and sweating.

Get Everything Fixed and Get the Tree/Limb Removed

Once the insurance company has cut you a check to help with the repair bill, you can move the fallen tree or tree limb from your crushed A/C unit. The repair technician cannot do any work until you do. If you know that the city will not take care of such a large piece of wood, consider hiring a tree cutting service. The tree cutting service will remove the limb, grind and hack it up, and then remove the sawdust or chunks of wood. If a complete tree fell on top of the unit, the tree cutting service can also remove the stump/rest of the tree.

Once the tree issue is fully addressed, the HVAC technician comes in and checks out the unit. This may involve cutting the outer box/lid of the condenser unit to remove it. Then the interior parts are examined and replaced. Contact a company like Lee Air Conditioners Inc for more information and assistance.