4 Solutions To Deal With Energy Waste In Your Home Due To Outdated Air Conditioning

9 April 2019
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The air conditioning of your home may be the source of energy waste, which is why you want to consider improvements to reduce your utility bills this summer. Some of the improvements that you may want to consider include installing a programmable thermostat or upgrading the insulation of ducts. The following solutions will help reduce problems with energy waste due to your outdated air conditioner:

1. Spring Maintenance and Cleaning to Improve AC Energy Efficiency in Summer

To start with the maintenance in spring, you will want to remove winterization and clean the unit. Make sure that you thoroughly clean your AC unit to ensure that you are ready for the summer weather. It is also important to look for any obvious damage and repairs that are going to be needed before you turn your AC on for the summer heatwaves.

2. Upgrading Your Thermostat to Reduce Energy Loss of Older HVAC Systems

Another improvement that you will want to consider when you start on your AC maintenance is replacing the thermostat. If you have an old analog thermostat, today there are many options for programmable thermostats for any budget. In addition, there are also smart thermostats that can be great improvements that automatically adjust to optimize the energy efficiency of your AC.

3. Upgrading and Repairing the Ducts, Vents, and HVAC Insulation That Causes Energy Loss

There is also maintenance that needs to be done to the ductwork and vents of your air conditioning before summer arrives. To start, you may want to have a professional duct cleaning system to help with cleaning your ducts to reduce wear and improve the efficiency of your AC during the summer months. In addition, check the ducts and vents for problems like repairs to the insulation of ducts or vents that are blocked and correct them before you start using your AC.

4. Energy-Efficient AC Replacement Options When Your System Has Reached the End of Its Life

In addition, there are also options that you may want to consider for more energy-efficient AC replacement. If you have a system that is over 10 years old, then you may want to consider options like heat pumps when looking into replacing your AC. There are also options for AC like geothermal and evaporative coolers, which are energy-efficient options that can help greatly reduce the cost of cooling your home during the summer months.

These are some solutions that will help reduce energy waste due to an older air conditioner. If you need help with the repairs and improvements to stop energy loss this summer, contact a duct cleaning service to help with maintenance before the hot summer months arrive.