Common Issues That Can Come Up With Your Residential Air Conditioning

29 January 2020
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As a homeowner with an air conditioning system, it's beneficial to get your system serviced before you need to use it everyday. As the warm weather approaches, it's time to schedule residential AC services to have your system tuned for the hard work ahead. While you can wait until you need to turn on your air conditioning every day, you are taking the chance that your system is not going to be efficient. To avoid an emergency breakdown of your air conditioning, get the system serviced early on and pay attention to small changes in how your system is running. Call for residential AC services when you notice your system isn't cooling the home, or seems to be malfunctioning in some way.

The Air Isn't Cold Enough

The first thing to check when your system is blowing warm air instead of cold is the thermostat. If the setting is on fan instead of cool, you are going to get warm air in the hot weather. If the system is on cool but you are getting warm air, you might need coolant added to your system. or the compressor needs to be repaired. When you can't cool down your home because of warm air, it's time to call for AC services.

Short Cycling and Your Air Conditioning

Short cycling occurs when your air conditioner turns on and off without cooling down your home. This occurs for a number of reasons, and can lead to early failure of your air conditioning system. If your air filter is clogged, your air conditioner will strain to cool off your home. Once your air conditioner is straining, it will turn off to avoid overheating. Change the air filter to see if this stops the short cycling. It can also occur if your system is too small for your home and not able to keep up with the work. Low refrigerant levels can be the cause, and professional AC services can identify what is going on.

When you have an air conditioning system installed in your home, pay attention when your system isn't cooling your home like normal. You might hear your system turn on and off frequently without regulating the temperature. Keep your system running efficiently by getting your air conditioning serviced at the beginning of the cooling season. Change your filters once a month during periods of heavy use and call for AC services when your system isn't bring the temperature down.