DIY Don't? What You Should Ask Before Attempting An AC System Repair

12 May 2020
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Does your home need an AC system repair? If you're tempted to diagnose and fix the central air conditioner yourself, then take a look at the questions to ask first.

Can You Diagnose the Problem?

Air conditioners are complex systems that require expert-level knowledge to diagnose. Even though some home repairs are easy to learn through online tutorials, AC repair isn't a simple DIY project. HVAC technicians complete years of training and hands-on experiences to become skilled tradespeople. If you don't have this level of knowledge, then it's not likely you'll accurately diagnose your AC's issue.

What is Your HVAC Skill Level?

System diagnosis isn't the only part of the repair process you need a professional for. Again, licensed contractors have experience and expertise in air conditioner repair. Without an adequate knowledge base, you may not have the ability to correctly repair the problem. This can leave your AC system with damage or unable to cool your home efficiently.

Do You Have the Right Tools?

You need the right tools and equipment to repair an air conditioner. Unlike easier DIY projects, a hammer, screwdriver, and saw won't complete your must-have tool repair list for an AC issue. Instead, you'll need a full set of professional tools and other equipment. Not only are these items expensive, but most novice do-it-yourselfers will not know how to utilize them properly.

Save yourself time and money with a professional AC repair. The technician will bring their own tools, and you won't have to spend unnecessarily on equipment you might only need to use once.

Do You Have Access to the Right Parts?

Tools and other similar types of equipment aren't the only AC items you'll need to repair a central system. Along with tools, you may also need replacement parts. While you can find some air conditioner parts online or in big box home improvement stores, you may not have access to the right options for your home's system.

A professional HVAC contractor knows which parts your system needs and how to find them. This may require access to a manufacturer's inventory.

What the Warranty Require?

Does your AC system have a warranty? A warranty may cover repair-related costs, such as parts or service. But that doesn't mean a warranty will pay for your DIY job. Most air conditioner warranties require a professional HVAC contractor to repair damaged or faulty parts. Failure to choose an authorized contractor may invalidate the warranty and leave you with out-of-pocket costs.

To learn more about ac repairs, contact ac system maintenance services in your area.