Four Advantages Of A Home Energy Audit

16 November 2020
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If you want to squeeze every last drop of energy out of your home's power consumption, then scheduling a home energy efficiency audit is one of the best ways to do so. Most HVAC companies offer this as a part of their services, so contact a local professional to schedule a time and take advantage of the benefits listed below.

Increased Efficiency

This may seem obvious, but it is still worth mentioning that the most important benefit that you can have from a home energy audit is increased energy efficiency in your home. Many homeowners don't realize just how much energy is wasted through ductwork that has separated (or has holes in it), or units that are either underpowered or overpowered for their home. Even just a few subtle changes that are mentioned by your auditor can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in recaptured energy over the life of your home.

Unit Recommendations

Whether you're planning on upgrading your system or you're needing to replace one that has recently gone out, a home energy auditor can make recommendations as to what type of unit is most appropriate for your home. Auditors are very experienced and can help explain the latest types of models that are on the market today, perfectly positioning themselves to show you up-and-coming technologies worth taking advantage of. They may encourage you to choose something that is Energy Star approved, which is a government program that offers incentives to manufacturers who create more energy-efficient products.

Enhanced Comfort

As units begin to age, they will inevitably start losing the ability to cool and heat your home evenly, resulting in unregulated temperatures throughout your home. They may even lose the ability to heat and cool your home altogether, which can prove extremely uncomfortable until the system is replaced. A home energy auditor will show you ways that you can improve your efficiency in your systems, resulting in a more comfortable home for your family.

Environmentally Friendly

It is important to take care of the earth. As such, home energy auditors will not only note ways that you can lower your home's utility bills, but they can also show you ways that you can lower your carbon footprint as well. All the financial benefits of a home energy efficiency audit may be great, but the ecological benefits may be even greater. 

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