5 Common Parts Of Your Furnace Which May Need To Be Replaced

2 August 2021
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A furnace is one type of residential heating system that can help to keep your home warm. It is a system that can largely run in the background, unnoticed. However, it needs to be taken care of with regular maintenance to keep it running effectively. Sometimes, parts within will break down.

There are a few parts that more commonly break down than others. As such, knowing what these parts are and potential signs your furnace will give you will help you to know when repairs are needed.

1. Blower Belt

The blower belt moves along the blowing mechanics that allows air to flow out through your system. When the blower belt starts to break down, it will start to create a high pitch squealing sound. To get the sound to stop, you will need to have a technician replace it.

2. Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a part that transfers heat within the unit from one place to another. It is an essential component of your furnace. When it breaks down, you may start to smell an odd or strange odor emanating from your furnace. If your unit has a strange smell, don't ignore it, as it can be a sign of a failing heat exchanger. You may also start to see soot and corrosion on the outside of your unit.

3. Bearings

The bearings are small components that allow the bigger moving parts to do their jobs. When the small bearings start to wear down, you will hear a scraping sound as internal parts start to rub together. You are going to want to replace the damaged bearings right away. Not replacing them immediately can result in damage to other large and more expensive components.

4. Pilot Light

The pilot light is what ensures that fuel is running into your system. If the pilot light goes from blue light with a yellow tip to yellow light, that means that your unit is experiencing carbon monoxide issues that are too high. This is not an issue that you should ever ignore. You should get this addressed right away with a residential heating system service.

5. Filter

The filter on your unit should be cleaned or replaced regularly. Unfortunately, many people do not know this. If you don't take care of the filter, it can cause other issues with your unit, impacting its performance. Often, just changing the filter can get your unit working better again.

If any of the above parts start to falter, you will want to put in a call to a residential heating repair specialist right away. They can provide additional information regarding residential heating maintenance and repair.