Heating Service: 5 Signs A Furnace Exchanger Needs Heating System Repair Services

19 April 2022
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Do you believe your furnace isn't working as it should? A heat exchanger might be the source of the problem. This component is heated, and the heat is transferred to the air, which then heats the home through the ducts. If this component is broken, the heating system will be inefficient and will not heat the house as efficiently as it should. Here are several indicators that your heat exchanger needs to be serviced by a professional heating service.

1. Yellowish Colored Flames

There might be air flowing in via a gap in the heat exchanger if the stove flame is yellowish. Natural gas or propane heaters should have a blue flame that burns cleanly. If it begins to become yellow, you should contact a heater repair provider as soon as possible.

2. Furnace Blows a Lot of Soot

Incomplete combustion produces unburned carbon molecules, resulting in soot in the heating system. In such circumstances, the main suspect is a fractured heat exchanger. This soot leaves unattractive marks across the house and lowers indoor air quality. If you see a lot of soot in your house, it's time to contact the heating system repair service.

3. Strong Odors From the Furnace

If your oven emits an unpleasant odor, it might be a sign of a damaged heat exchanger. This is due to the fact that the damaged heat exchanger emits toxic vapors. Some people may have headaches and flu-like symptoms as a result of these pollutants. If you notice any of these unpleasant scents, contact a heating system repair provider as soon as possible.

4. Visible Cracks in the Unit

Visible cracks on the device's heat exchanger are the most evident indicator of a defective heat exchanger. If you can see the metal fracture and exposed piping, corrosion has already started. While hairline fractures may not indicate imminent harm to the unit, they may indicate that the exchanger is about to fail. 

The continual expansion and contraction of the exchanger is the most common source of these microscopic fractures. Call a heating system repair agency if there are major apparent cracks.

5. Higher Fuel Consumption Than Usual

If you burn more fuel than usual,  there is high incomplete combustion that makes the furnace inefficient. If fuel consumption analysis reveals an increase in fuel consumption, it is time to call a furnace repair technician.

A defective heat exchanger may be inconvenient as well as dangerous to health. If you see any of the indicators listed above, contact a heating service provider as soon as possible.