HVAC Services: Issues That May Hinder The Effective Operation Of Your AC

27 June 2022
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With the temperatures steadily rising, your home becomes your escape for cooler temperatures. It can be frustrating if your AC suddenly stops working or is only partially cooling parts of your home. Therefore, you must regularly service your AC to aid the proper function of its components and maximize efficiency. In addition, an AC appliance repair expert can address any potential issues before they translate into costly repairs. The following are some issues that you may face with your AC.

Electrical Issues

If the electrical wires are loose or worn out, they may receive a current overload, leading to a short circuit. As a result, various damages to your AC components may occur—such as blowing a fuse—leading to a fire hazard. In addition, worn-out wires become exposed over time, posing a risk of electrocution. You must contact an AC technician to properly fix and insulate loose electrical connections and replace the worn-out cables.

 Low Refrigerant

Your AC unit depends on the refrigerant or Freon to cool your home. The AC's refrigerant circulates in lines that link the indoor and the outdoor air cooling appliance's units. It absorbs the heat in the evaporator coils and flows through a closed loop to the outdoor condenser unit, where it emits heat. Therefore, if your AC is low on refrigerant, it could leak into the lines carrying it. A certified HVAC services specialist must diagnose your unit for the leak, seal it, and recharge the refrigerant for maximum cooling power.

Safety Switch Issues

As your AC generates an amount of moisture from the dehumidification process, it drains it out to the drain pan as a condensate. However, the drain line may clog from dirt and debris, blocking the outward flow of the water. When the water backs up, it triggers the safety shut-off feature that shuts down your unit. If your unit keeps on shutting down despite resetting the safety switch, contact an AC repairer to clear away the blockage for proper expulsion of the water.

Filthy Fan Blades

Elements such as air pollution and fog may affect the performance of your fan in the outdoor unit. This slows the speed at which your fan blades turn as layers of dirt and grime strain the air cooling equipment's motor leading to damage. Moreover, dirty fan blades will impede airflow to the appliance, causing overheating. Therefore, call an AC technician to clean the fan blades and clear away any airflow inhibitors to the AC.

If you notice that your AC's performance has deteriorated, contact a professional HVAC service such as Ron's Heating & Cooling to address the issue. Additionally, they will service your AC to optimize its performance and efficiency, saving energy costs.