Do You Have AC Problems And Roaches Around The Unit? Call An Air Conditioning Repair Company Today

15 September 2022
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If you have discovered a problem with your air conditioning system at the same time as a minor cockroach problem in your home, the two could be related. These pests could be coming in through the air conditioning system and damaging your unit at the same time.

You want to have an HVAC professional do an inspection right away for many safety hazards and concerns. The air conditioner should be serviced by a professional annually anyways. Schedule a maintenance appointment and talk with the provider about these things.

Damages to the Interior of the Unit

Cockroaches can do a lot of damage to the interior of your air conditioning unit. These insects could be chewing the wiring, putting your unit at risk of an electrical fire and other electrical complications. The cockroaches could be leaving feces and more inside the unit, causing the filter to be full of bacteria which is then in the air blowing around your home. You will want the damages assessed and repaired immediately.  

Ventilation Cleaning

The filter will need to be replaced. The entire air conditioning until will need to be cleaned, and this may require some time and disassembling, along with removing the cockroaches from the unit and any nest or debris inside. Sanitization is important before starting the unit up to run again.

Have the air conditioning repair professional also clean out ducts and the ventilation system. You don't know how long this problem existed and you need to ensure the air quality in the home is good.

Unit Pest Prevention

The air conditioning service professional will offer screens or other options and ideas for pest prevention in the future. There could have been a loose component on the air conditioner, or possibly a way for the roaches to get in. Once these issues are sealed and closed, you shouldn't have to worry about roaches in the future.

There are many pests that can get into the HVAC units in your home, and if they start to damage the electrical components then you are at risk of an electrical fire and more. Get an air conditioning professional over to your home so they can get the unit free of roaches, cleaned, and then fixed so you can continue to cool down when temperatures are hot. Schedule your annual maintenance at the end of the visit for the next season to prevent issues like this in the future.